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NDP - Macon, GA
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National Prayer for America

Lord, we exist to give You glory. We exist

because of Your glory, and in Your glory, as

our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. We

give you thanks and praise for every breath

and moment You have given to us. We

repent of our sin; for the shameful things

we have done against You and for our

silence when we did not speak up to

proclaim Your Name, profess Your Word,

or protect and practice Your will.

We ask Your forgiveness.

We pray that the knowledge of the glory of

the Lord will spread across our nation and

the entire earth as we seek Your Kingdom

and righteousness; as we walk in

obedience to You, and in humble unity,

love one another. Jesus, the Bible says that

You are “the knowledge of the glory of the

Lord.” You have taught us to pray,

commanded us to love, and commissioned

us to share Your gospel of grace. Your

glory fills our hearts and families, it

overflows into our neighborhoods,

workplaces, campuses, churches, in our

entertainment and media. We give thanks

for our military and ask that Your glory

would spread to, and through them as they

preserve freedom around the world. We

pray for our government, that all of our

leaders and laws would be filled with Your

glory, that they would magnify Your Holy

Word and honor Your will and ways. We

pray that Your grace and glory would

spread to bring hope to the hopeless, and

love where there is hurt and hate. God, use

us as we pray your promise, that “the earth

will be filled with the knowledge of the

glory of the Lord as the waters

cover the sea.” Amen!


Kathy Branzell
President, National Day of Prayer Task Force

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