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NDP - Macon, GA
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About National Day of Prayer
The National Day of Prayer in Macon is known as a community day of unity when people of all backgrounds come together!   

On the First Thursday of every May, the National Day of Prayer takes place across America, and millions of Americans at hundreds of thousands of events come together for prayer’s power!  The Theme and National Prayer each year are from the Colorado-based National NDP Task Force.  Communities large and small, flowing from one coast to the other, join in the unity of God’s people and acknowledge His dominion over the circumstances facing us.  Nat'l. website ( has Events Listings to check for particular places!

The Macon NDP Committee, all volunteers, plans for months for our Macon Area Observance, with the goals of bringing glory to God and pointing us all to prayer’s power and importance!  A NDP Events Flier stays on our website for its informing about the partnerships God has brought together in Macon's NDP 40 plus years.  As soon as the next NDP's details are confirmed and website posted, we encourage copying for handing out and putting up in churches and asking businesses to put up!  There are different ideas on our local website for involvement in our "Macon Community Promotion Campaign" timeline, getting to commit to our Public Event participation!  Our website's Sign page and Church Coordinators (CCs) page are so very helpful for NDP awareness and promotion!  Churches are asked, in any planning for NDP, it be a different time than our Macon Public Event's unifying, concentrated Midday!  Let's seek God as every person's best HOPE!  

    National Day of Prayer

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