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NDP - Macon, GA
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Church Coordinators
  • CCs’ CONTRIBUTION & NDP SIGNIFICANCE  Our Church Coordinators are an important partner with the all-volunteer Macon NDP Committee!  NDP is a very special day that comes just once a year!  It serves to unite our hearts in prayer for our nation, for calling on God for repentance, and for acknowledging the power of prayer.  It affirms us to place our faith in the unfailing character of our Creator who is sovereign over all governments, authorities, and people!


  • WHY ARE CCs SO BENEFICIAL?  For quite a few years we have had in place our CC program & try each year to bring more CCs on board to join for being ready for the startup date of each year’s NDP home stretch (about five weeks before NDP).  CCs promote, within their own church, our Macon area NDP (which has been held since 1975).  A Church Coordinator is usually a lay person (or in large churches more than one person) working with their church office to copy the NDP Events Sheet and post them around their church, get information about NDP into their church bulletins and newsletters, and make their congregations aware of NDP— keep NDP before them.  We have seen how beneficial Church Coordinators are in getting people out to our two Macon area events on NDP the first Thursday of every May!  They have Breakfast tickets in hand so church members can conveniently buy them for the first public gathering, the Prayer Breakfast, that starts NDP so meaningfully!


  • CCs & MIDDAY EVENT  Coordinators promote our 11:50 a.m.-12:30 p.m.  Midday Gathering “Rally for our Nation” in picturesque Rosa Parks Square, across from a representative seat of government—our stately, historic Macon City Hall (now known as the Macon-Bibb Government Center).  At this event the colors are presented and the Mayor’s NDP Proclamation is read.  This second event of the day is free, offers space for many to attend, and is part of the lunch hour but timed to still offer getting some lunch to, or from, the event.  Free parking is offered by Mulberry United Methodist Church (any numbered spaces) with two free shuttles by Macedonia Church to, and from, Rosa Parks Square. CCs encourage carpools and church vans to drop off passengers at the venue. The driver parks at Mulberry UMC and rides a shuttle back to join the group.


  • CCs ARE KEY  Because the Macon NDP organization is a grassroots non-profit, meeting the expenses of putting on NDP events by the donations of local businesses and individuals, Church Coordinators are our word of mouth “advertisements”.  Motivation to be part of NDP is all around us with the challenges in America and in the world!  Church Coordinators are key in educating when and where people can demonstrate, with their physical presence, at NDP public events how important God and prayer are to our nation’s future!


  • MORE CCs  We need a committed Church Coordinator in every church in our area!  Ask God to identify one to you to recommend to our NDP Committee so NDP can be bigger and better every year and meet our most important goals of bringing God glory and pointing Christians and non-Christians to God, our best hope!


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