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NDP - Macon, GA
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Commit to May 2, 2019 Macon NDP

…and to praying between now and next NDP!  Please tell others to come to our local website/Facebook for knowing about NDP!

National Day of Prayer is always the first Thursday of May!  It was 1988 Congress unanimously passed which day of the year NDP would be commemorated for the 1952 law to have a national, annual day of prayer! We know when NDP is!  So we can mark our calendars to save the date and make a pledge to ourselves and to God we will make the arrangements necessary to be part of this once-a-year community day of solidarity to attend one, or both, NDP public events for our Macon Area! In 2018 across America we had more public events than ever before!  NDP is a day everyone can agree to come together for unified public prayer that will make a difference for our nation, families, and personal lives!

Prayer is something we need to do for our country on NDP and every day of the year!  And in Macon, since 1975, we have in place a wonderful, once-a-month opportunity of a Prayer Time on the lunch hour where we can pray for local, state, and national elected and appointed government officials by name!  It is every 2nd Wednesday at the Macon-Bibb Government Center, Room 205, noon to 1 pm.  Come for the time you can be there to join in this particular, connecting monthly prayer!

Will you help us spread the word to ask everybody to check out our website  and like and share our Facebook?  Talk up NDP for such as school groups to initiate “Pray at the Pole” times on NDP and several, to the whole office, at work stop to pray some time during NDP!  Let’s be creative all year long to initiate impromptu, and planned, “prayer minutes” with family and friends!

We need to put into practice more the discipline of this gift and miracle-working resource of prayer God gave us! Pray more, read our Bibles more, stand up for what is right more, “go out of our way” more to say, “God bless you!”!  God loves us each enough to give His only Son for our sin payment and cares for us each deeply!  Go to for the Macon area Bible Study Fellowship classes from Labor Day to first of May, where children and grandchildren have their lessons with you on their level.

The slogans of one of our founding fathers for NDP in Macon “It’s not about a day…it’s about a discipline” AND of the NDP Task Force “Investing in hope…transforming our nation through prayer!” are very meaningful and true!  It is way past time for Christians to fully acknowledge in their hearts and heads that the work and delights of prayer bring amazing results!

Prayer enables us to live out the gospel message before others to impact their decisions to seek God and to be bold for what the Bible says and not what our culture drift advances—away from God and His Word!  We see in answers to prayer that nothing is impossible for God, even changing hearts as only He can do!  Checking the national website for the President of NDP, Dr. Ronnie Floyd’s, articles and other motivations for prayer are of great blessing and benefit!

Pastors, know that NDP is not only a multi-church, multi-denominational, multi-ministry day of unity but a day to strongly promote among your people for it is the law of the land, a day upon which everyone can agree.  NDP transcends differences and brings citizens together from all backgrounds, languages, ethnicities. We encourage churches to promote attending the public events held on NDP by scheduling any NDP meeting, prayer walk, opening for prayer, etc, they plan to be other than the time-frames of the public events.  Then this significant day every year to seek God together at public events advances even more a conjoining, community-wide commitment of concentrated prayer.  Church NDP opportunities can be listed free of charge, along with public events, on the national website.

Please be part of the next National Day of Prayer!  Pray on!

Margaret McCook
Macon NDP Chairperson 

    National Day of Prayer
    c/o Here’s Life, Macon
    P.O.Box 6275
    Macon, GA 31208-6275

    PH: (478) 972-0588