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NDP - Macon, GA
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                                                                                                  NDP Sign Campaign!     

We are asking Businesses and Churches in our area with a marquee-tpe sign, digital, or any sign where a message could be put to consider putting up about NDP as much as one month before it!?  NDP is always the first Thursday of May since 1988, when Congress unanimously passed it would be that time of year! 

Help to send the email below from our NDP Committee to a business or church in our area when one would see such a sign is a way to easily reach out to ask them about this!  We ask in the email if they would help us promote NDP by putting on their sign the current year's NDP date and however much information their sign could hold about our one public Midday Event Noon-12:30 p.m. at Rosa Parks Square!  You may know something about the business or church, or you may only pass a sign that catches your eye.  Just call to say you would like to email them a NDP Sign Campaign Letter from our Macon NDP Committee and ask for the email address of a contact person there.  The email itself explains everything, and our Committee could help from that point on. 

We hope that many will take part in our Macon Observance of NDP!  For this significant, annual day of unified praying for our nation, our Sign Campaign can help attract more to know about its basic details!  This half hour program has neat parts that start so perfectly with our Invocation by a local pastor.  Included are Youth!  Students from Central High Jr. ROTC "Present the Colors".  Student Groups lead everyone in The Pledge; our Mayor presents his NDP Proclamation; 7 Citizens pray for the 7 Centers of Influence in America; and we hear a short message by the year's local Pastor Speaker.


We are demonstrating in unifying presence the importance and power of prayer, coming together for corporate prayer!  NDP is a day that transends differences, bringing together from all backgrounds in unity!  God truly is our best hope, gives peace that passes understanding, comforts, fulfills, directs, helps us, answers big & small prayer requests in ways we see and do not see!  


National Day of Prayer Committee for Macon, Georgia

240 Rebel Drive   Macon, Georgia  31211

Facebook National Day of Prayer -  Macon GA


Dear Businesses and Churches,

The Macon National Day of Prayer Committee is seeking to grow its NDP Sign Campaign by partnering with busineses and churches who have marquee-type signs, digital signs, or any signs where a message could be put to promote when NDP is and very basic details of our Macon NDP Observance Midday Event!  If you already participate and are receiving this email letter request, please don't mind someone sending it to you and thank you immensely!  If not participating, would you please consider helping (and even letting us know if it's your first time to put on your sign)?  NDP is always the first Thursday of May since 1988, when Congress unanimously passed this would be the annual day each year!  We would greatly appreciate businesses and churches putting up, as much as a month before the year's Macon NDP Observance and as much as your sign can hold in this order ...     

                                    NAT'L DAY PRAYER MAY (adding # of the year's 1st Thurs. of May) NOON-12:30 ROSA PARKS SQ  

Our local website is 

NDP Event Fliers are posted in about Feb. on our local website with the details of our partnerships blessed to have for logistics help of dowtown churches and Hart's Mortuary offering parking and church vans offering shuttles to Event site!  Our Prgram is memorable, enjoyable, convenently on the lunch hour for just 30 minutes!  If you are a business, perhaps you could print fliers to post or for handouts, or post NDP on your FB?!  For churches, we also seek each NDP to enlist Church Coordinators (CCs) to promote this very special, annual day by putting up Events Fliers around church and making available to take, getting in church newsletters and/or bulletins, and posting on Facebook and social media.  If your church does not have already a NDP CC, please contact us for our partnering together? 

If you have any question, just please contact Committee Chairman below.  We pray for our Sign Campaign to grow, as we seek to grow NDP particiation glorifying God! 

Appreciatively, Margaret McCook, Macon NDP Committee Chairman 478 972-0588 text fine   FB National Day of Prayer - Macon GA

Send an E-Mail to a Business or Church 
Use the form below to send the above letter as an email to a business owner or church. If you go by & see NDP up on a sign, a quick email to let our Committee know would be welcome! Our Committee would contact that business or church to thank them!

    National Day of Prayer

    240 Rebel Drive
    Macon, GA 31211
    PH: (478) 972-0588